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Encouraging Youth to VOTE for Our Future!

Concerning our youth vote;  indifference of the privilege...Y- Vote!
...With grave concern, Our  youth who do not care &  perhaps begin a life of less or "just don't care" privilege,   life long prejudice, no opportunity, and perhaps resentment will build a negative impact to the community and eventually cause more problems than solutions...
only your change for the positive action will make this happen!

How are you going to make Toronto rent and housing more affordable for young people?

  • Affordable housing should be available for everyone who needs shelter but are unable to meet the high rent and housing costs.  Housing should be focused on the less fortunate with immediate needs. 
  • This could include young people, seniors , or new immigrant families.  Having safety nets in place to facilitate these needs is equally important.
  • Rent controls, co-op living, shared shelters, rebuilding old neigbourhoods for the good are avenues to explore and consider; especially for the homeless, mentally disabled & less fortunate in need.
Wait times for community mental health care have surged. How will you implement strategies that reduce these waitlists and support more accessible health services for youth?

Our provincial and federal health system such as UHN, Toronto General, Mount Sinai, CAMH,  Hospital for Sick Kids. Princess Margaret Health Care in Toronto/GTA all with in Toronto, Canada are one of the best in the world!
Healthy competition in both the public or private sectors offering choices for effective treatment and /or city services with minimal expense & time will help expedite best practices enabling lower costs for the seamless treatment for our citizens., more importantly our youth!
Health services & all other benefits for youth could be expedited:
  • With the continued support of youth shelters such a Covenant House, Daily Food Bank…more importantly Community Centers, Cutural Centers and available sources of gathering & shelters...
  • By utilizing school guidance/counsellors, TO libraries and expanded kids help lines  including Voters speakers corners...these are other options to consider for feed back and continuous engagement with our community!
  • By leveraging our provincial & federal health care system funds to subisdize & benefit; our  current Social City programs (e.g. - Children’s Services and all other relevant services to our community) 
  • With grave concern, Our  youth who do not care &  begin a life of less privilege, prejudice, no opportunity, and perhaps resentment will build a negative impact to the community and eventually cause more problems than solutions...your change must move for the positive growth of our future!
  • We need this change now...the future will be better if our youth helps this change!
  • Vote if you can...if not for it for YOU!

How will you make it easier for young and/or undocumented newcomers to access city services like education and financial assistance? 
  • Direct immigrant parents and guardians of these youths to Toronto City Social Programs
  • Educate Cultural Community Centers & muncipal programs on the process including the federal and/or provincial requirements for integration.
  • Utilize the our Social  & Health services   and consider our Toronto City Library  Resources to help the integration learning  process for new comers/ youth into our city as points of contact
  • More funding with new solutions via TO welcome the needful with support  staff ...a friendly environment ;  more importantly  comfortable bricks and mortar...those in need.
  • introducing key front line workers in our libraries including  community center volunteers creating new opportunities for all & perhaps new neighbourhood alliances for the good secured by engaging TPS.. community relations involvement..
  • Encourage efficient, seamless integration into our neighbourhoods and GTA 
  • Let's Do the Right Thing!
We need a positive plan for our future. It is time to bring in new ideas. Only change will make it happen.
Make your vote count... Elect
STEVE YUEN for youth change and your future!