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STEVE YUEN- Councillor Ward 4- " if you believe vote for Steve!"

Toronto is the Best City to live in!

 Traffic and Parking

  1. Too many cars in Toronto- limit 2 cars per household- tax extra vehicles – minimum of 1 large SUV per household- tax extra large SUV or cars
  • Unlimited but licensed electric cars, scooters, electric boards/wheels etc.- clean air solution & less car congestion
  • Any large truck or commercial vehicle traveling with Toronto must have inter-city transponder / permits- heavy fine for all other vehicles not register/ also can be impounded if multiple offences
  • Tax the rich with multiple vehicles and encourage less cars in the inner city
  • Transponders Revenue Tolls to drive in the inner city to pay for road improvements, The Gardiner REBUILD and create more revenue$$$ for the services for those in need or more affordable housing!
....less cars in the city, this is for Better on roads including less repair and congestion
  • Encourage our TTC and transit system
  • Free parking for the customers of  street vendors if they support the local businessesToronto
TTC- Transit- GTA area- Go Transit
  • Free TTC  transit for 16 + under including 65 + older
  • Simple currency fee of $3 per trip or $5 round trip
  • Using existing PRESTO system – use the TTC app on cell phones for special needs, students, immigrants or low-income individuals for discounts 
  • more importantly, Leverage province to help $ubsidize this program including building a specialty TTC / integrated GTA for usage solutions, payment and identification
  •  24 hour TTC policing with additional surveillance security systems to reduce personell but established KEY security stations with Toronto Police  Services 
  •  including  TTC constables (less salary than police budget) – enforcing community interaction, involvment + dialogue.
  • very strict NO loitering or panhandling or any unsocial, illegal or destructive activity. 
  • correct me if I am RIGHT...Is this going to happen over night or do I have the full solution
  • …. I will action these solutions if you vote for me and I will action the change from the status quo…talk is cheap & time is money!
  • Healthy & fair competition in our municipal, social or health services including open vendor bidding to get the best services at the best cost- always following the existing rules, regulations and building codes for safety and security!
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High Park, Swansea, Bloor West Village, Baby Point/ Humber River,
South Kingsway, Roncesvalles, Warren Park, The Junction & Parkdal

ELECT & VOTE for a better future
Let’s make Toronto # 1 … It’s all of our responsibility!
Thank you for your consideration and support!