About Me

If elected as a City Councillor, what would be your top priority, and how will you address it?

As potential Toronto City Councillor, my priority is to encourage our right and privilege "TO VOTE".. with less than 50% of the voters NOT voting...this is a concern to the Free Democracy of Toronto, all of Canada and the World! Only after all the voters make a decision, this is when a new Councillor can address our way of life, taxes and our future...this will never go away...if you don't VOTE for STEVE YUEN...please at Least VOTE! ...to make your voice count and be heard!

What should the next City Council do about housing in Toronto? Why?

...RENT CONTROL/ shared dwellings for the needful and allowing innovative housing with less restrictions but within the building code & standards for safety. The City of Toronto must address the current delays in the expansion of affordable housing inventory by expediting the review at all levels of government for the benefit of the citizens including new families that will immigrate & contribute to… TORONTO…the best CITY to live in!

What should the next City Council do to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce its progression? How?

The need to focus on planned neighbourhoods and communities that will create new improvements of positive growth for safe family homes which contribute to richly diverse living opportunities within Toronto/ GTA " engaging in 3 levels of government to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce its progression...!
ELECT and VOTE for a better future...

Let’s make Toronto # 1... It’s all of our responsibility!

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What should the next City Council do to improve the ability of the people of Toronto to get around safely and efficiently? How?

I believe in: • Seamless transit- respectful parking- " BE Nice don't PARK twice"- courtesy notes of private laneways- ie. please do not block my driveway • Less traffic congestion & improving GTA/provincial travel network- via bike paths/ electric vehicles/ respectful drivers/ cyclists observing safety and all traffic laws!

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High Park, Swansea, Bloor West Village, Baby Point/ Humber River, South Kingsway, Roncesvalles, Warren Park, The Junction & Parkdale

Should the next City Council change anything about municipal taxes or city services? Why?

"Change is the only way to improve; to mirror best practices of other great Cities!" STEVE YUEN is experienced in the Supply Chain industry for key clients such as City Hall, Nuit Blanche Art Events, Toronto Police Services HQ, GO Transit, Toronto Public Library, Parks and Rec including Toronto Humane Society/ Animal Services. • Ability to solve complex problems + issues for cost savings & revenue generation. • He is skilled in investigative research & solving cost issues based on 21 years of federal, municipal, public and private business.

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What should the next City Council do about the City of Toronto’s approach to policing its residents and making our communities safe? Why?

Policing, Justice, Hope and Charity...starts with respect with each other in the Toronto and the GTA Community" We need to be kind, aware of our neighbourhood events and actions, respectful of other people’s property, mental well being, cultural differences, personal + gender identification, mindful of our children, seniors ... 

"family first. Love comes right after..! ...

if you're not part of the SOLUTION...you’re part of the PROBLEM.."

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